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How to prepare for an industry fair?

We are getting ready for the BIEMH fair in Bilbao this year and we are looking forward to meeting with all our partners and peers from the main sectors that TAD serves: automobile, electrodomestic appliances, electronics, clinical materials, pharmaceutical industry, electric switchgear, locksmith, perfume and cosmetics, toy industry, cleaning producs and foods and beverages industry.

Here are a few tips that we have gathered through the years about how companies can benefit the most from their presence in fairs.

After the Industrie Paris 2014 fair (, we have evaluated the hard work of our team and we have come to the following conclusions:

• Location, location, location! It is crucial to be well positioned within the fair instalations. The earlier you reserve your place the better the chances are to be put at a key location, together with the most important expositors, which in turn is likely to bring in more visitors to your stand.

• As it is a fair dedicated to a specific industry, we are not only going to find our partners but also the competitors. This is why, it is important to make our stand attractive and easily identifiable though clearly displaying the logo, the website, the contact details and the information sheets. We can benefit from the facilities at the fair and bring in demostration machinary or even put up a corporate video. This, apart from making the stand more attractive to the eye, is also going to help the visitors remember the brand and the products as they have had the opportunity to see it in real time.

• The information sheets need to be attractive, concise and easy to keep and carry around. Too much graphics, numbers or letters could confuse the visitors and we could lose them.

• The sales force needs to be sensitive to the needs and preferences of the visitors. It is not a matter of overloading them with too much information, but rather to provide concrete answers to the problems that they might be facing. The sales force needs to be familiarized with the technical capacity of the machinary in order to be able to answer questions by visitors who are really looking to close a deal.

• Take the time to meet your virtual contacts in person. Technology today allows for business to be conducted mainly by phone or email and we sometimes never see our business partners on the other end of the line. An industry fair is a great opportunity to put a face to the name and to build up a more stable personalized relationship. Thus, we plan to contact our clients and providers before the expo and invite them to visit us at the stand.


See you in Bilbao!

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