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TAD participates in “La Catalunya Industrial” (Industrial Catalunya)

TAD representatives joined the Catalunya Industrial Forum in the beginning of July in the Auditori del Forum in Barcelona, Spain. Over 2500 representatives of various industrial sectors, the president of the local government, Artur Mas, and the minister of Business and Employment, Felip Puig, got together to talk about the new industrial strategy that aims to grow the Catalan industry to 25% of the GDP by 2020 and thus make it one of the primary motors of the economic growth.

The new strategy structures the industrial branch in 7 different sectors – Agriculture, Chemistry, Energy and resources, Systems, Design, Sustainable mobility, Health and Life Science and Tourism. Mr. Mas expressed certainty that the partnership and team work of the companies and the public authorities will lead to the successful execution of the new strategy and will thus convert the Catalan industry in an example for the rest of the world.

The government wants to put a qualified advisor at the disposal of each one of the sectors in order to help them develop a sucessful business plan. Even though the Catalan Industrial strategy currently does not have any assigned financial backup, Mas ensured the participants that there will be funding through different programs and organs such as Acció.

¨We have to take very seriously the revival of the Catalan industry,¨ said mas, who also affirmed that currently the industry accounts for 20% of the Catalan GDP, but has also admitted that it might have lost momentum in the past few years.